Season 2018

March - November

December Closed


Season 2019

Jan - Feb Closed

March 1st - November 30th OPEN


Opening Hours:

March Weekends:7.30-16:00 Weekdays: On-demand.

25 March: open

April Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

May Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

Jun-Sep Mon-Sun 7:00-18:00

Oct Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

1 Oct open

Nov  Weekends: 7:30-16:00 Weekdays: On demand


Windsurfing is a unique water sport that combines the elements of surfing and sailing. The rider is planing across the water on a board rigged with a sail. 

It is you and the forces of nature, wind and water, working together to have the best time in your life!

You don’t have to be strong to try it, you only need to know the right technique. That is why we are here! To help you learn.

There are small and large boards and sails for different wind conditions, and types of sailing, and of course levels of experience.

Are you ready to change your life?

Yes you CAN windsurf!
Windsurfing is for ALL ! 
A fun and healthy way of enjoying the great outdoors and a challenging exercise that can bring the whole family together
Why Windsurfing?
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